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Blairgowrie Town Hall

Conditions of Hire - Valid at 1 January 2022

Blairgowrie Town Hall Association (B.T.H.A.) reserves the right to amend these rules and conditions, and also to make any additional rules and conditions as necessary to ensure good governance of the hall.  B.T.H.A. will have the final decision on any potential hire.

  1. A let will not be confirmed until the official Booking Form has been completed and submitted at least 14 days prior to the event taking place, and the booking deposit paid. Confirmation will be provided.
  2. B.T.H.A. reserves the right to request a deposit at the time of booking.
  3. The hirer is responsible for compliance with the terms of let and any other legislative or regulatory requirements, including damages and condition of the hall.
  4. If music is performed or reproduced by any method, the applicant will be required to pay a fee in respect of Performing Rights. This fee is calculated on the charging schedule issued by Performing Rights Society Limited (PRSL).
  5. The hire charge covers the provision of heating, normal lighting and normal cleaning in connection with the let. An additional charge will be levied if the facilities are not left clean and in good order, particularly kitchen/catering areas. An inspection may be carried out by the Hallkeeper at the end of the event.
  6. The normal opening hours of the hall are from 9.00am until 10.00pm. Unless prior permission has been obtained from B.T.H.A., halls must close at a time to comply with the Public Entertainment License which is 12:00am. Therefore serving of drinks and food must be completed early enough to allow post-event cleaning.
  7. B.T.H.A. reserves the right to cancel any let, without need to pay any compensation for such cancellation if; (i) it believes that these Conditions are not likely to be adhered to, (ii) operational performance prevents an event taking place, (iii) if the hall is required for Election purposes, or (iv) if B.T.H.A management feel the event is or is getting out of control.
  8. In the event of cancellation by the applicant of a confirmed let, a percentage of the hire rate may be payable as detailed in the charges schedule.
  9. The applicant will be held personally responsible for payment of all charges in respect of the let.
  10. The Hallkeeper will be responsible for the setting up or packing away of tables and chairs, and will not normally be in attendance during the period of let.
  11. Organisers will be met at the stated start time of the event (on the booking form) and again at the end of the event to ensure the hall has been left in a satisfactory condition. If a Hallkeeper is required to be in attendance a charge will be made.
  12. The hirer is responsible for any damage to the hall, furniture or fittings and any property lost as a direct result of the event taking place and will be required to meet the cost of reparation in full. Any damage which is not disclosed could result in the retention of some, or all, of the recoverable deposit. If required, the applicant may inspect the premises at the commencement of the let to verify the condition of furniture and fittings. The hirer remains responsible for the cost any damages or cleaning in excess of the deposit.
  13. The hall should not be sub-let.
  14. The applicant should arrange for a minimum of 2 stewards or security staff to preserve order and ensure compliance with safety and fire regulations to the satisfaction of the Committee. For large events additional stewards may be required. All stewards must; (i) be 21 years of age or above,(ii) be clearly identifiable throughout the duration of the event, (iii) not consume any alcohol or take part in the activities, and (iv) be familiar with fire evacuation procedures for the building (this will be arranged with the Hallkeeper Blairgowrie Town Hall Scottish Charity: SCIO 028287 Form version: 24 February 2021 prior to the event commencing). Organisers of an event should acquaint themselves with the position of fire points, emergency exit doors, light switches and the nearest telephone
  15. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building. During an event, it is the organiser who is responsible for ensuring those attending do not smoke. Enforcement officers can issue a £200 fine to the organiser and also £50 fine to each individual committing the offence.
  16. Anyone found using drugs will be reported to the police.
  17. The hirer is responsible for any damage to the hall, furniture or fittings and any property lost as a direct result of the event taking place and will be required to meet the cost of reparation in full. Any damage which is not disclosed could result in the retention of some, or all, of the recoverable deposit. If required, the applicant may inspect the premises at the commencement of the let to verify the condition of furniture and fittings.
  18. No furnishings or equipment will be hired out or loaned out from the building without prior agreement or arrangement with B.T.H.A.
  19. B.T.H.A. will not be held responsible for any damage, injury, loss of goods or property brought into or left at the facility by the applicant or any persons attending the event.
  20. It is the responsibility of the organizer to arrange for first aid facilities/personnel throughout the duration of the event.
  21. With any let involving the sale of goods, the applicant is responsible for ensuring the correct licence, if any, is obtained. Contact should be made with the Licensing Board at Perth & Kinross Council, 2 High Street, Perth, PH1 5PH where licence requirements and procedures will be explained and the appropriate licence obtained. If it is intended to sell or dispense alcohol the Administrator must be notified, and a charge of £50.00 will be made if you have a cash bar. Although the applicant is responsible for obtaining the appropriate licence, the location and arrangement for bars should be discussed with, and to the satisfaction of the Committee.
  22. Please note that during your let, the Hall Keeper, BTHA Board Members, their employees or representatives (including workmen) may require access to the area you are using.  Every effort will be made to minimise disruption.
  23. Sound amplification will be controlled at the discretion of the Hall Keeper or BTHA Committee whose decision will be final.
  24. The applicant should ensure that all waste and/or discarded materials be removed within 24 hours or at a time agreed with the Hall keeper. Failure to comply with this condition will result in the material being removed and any expense incurred charged to the applicant.
  25. Flyposting in respect of an event is not permitted unless prior permission has been granted by the appropriate authorities. Unlicensed posting is an offence act under Section 100 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984.



  1. Live & Pre-recorded Music - Performing Rights Society Limited (PRSL) dues will be charged for each let where live or pre-recorded music is played, in accordance with PRSL scale of charges.
  2. Cancellation Fee - 50% of the hall charge may be payable if an event is cancelled within 4 weeks of its intended date. The full hire charge will be payable if the event is cancelled within 1 week, or the organizers do not turn up for an intended let.
  3. B.T.H.A. will decide into which category a Let falls.
  4. Public Liability Insurance will be charged at 10% of the hall hire fee (not including ancillary costs). This charge is waived when users provide a copy of a current insurance certificate with the completed booking form to our Administrator..
  5. Kitchen. The use of the cooker will be subject to an additional charge of £5.00 per hour throughout the let.


B.T.H.A. reserves the right to cancel any event where it considers appropriate arrangements are not in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of those attending or the security of the facility.


Clause 12 in the Conditions of Let offers general information with regard to stewarding. Failure to comply with this clause for a special event will result in the event being cancelled, and forfeiture of any fees paid. Hirers remain liable for the costs of cleaning up and repair of any damage or loss to the Hall in excess of any deposit or fees paid. Prior to the event commencing, the Hallkeeper will provide advice on the positioning of stewards within the building and or its environs.

The main responsibilities of stewards include:

  • Ensuring compliance with ‘No Smoking’ legislation.
  • Monitoring each fire exit.
  • Clearing any spillage or other hazards to avoid accident, injury or inconvenience.
  • Monitoring toilets for damage, cleanliness and the contravention of rules.
  • Ensuring the building is evacuated in the event of the fire alarm being activated.


As indicated on the booking form, the access and departure times are inclusive of preparation and clearing up. Appropriate measures should be taken to ensure these times are strictly adhered to. For example, if the hire time of 18:00pm-12:00am hours is requested, then the bar and disco should cease no later than 11:30pm to allow for ‘drinking up’ and cleaning. If the booking exceeds the stated times further charges will be incurred. You may request via the bookings co-coordinator for access during the day to decorate or unload equipment. Times for this must be agreed with the Hallkeeper and will be subject to availability and further charges.


The Hallkeeper and any B.T.H.A. committee members retain authority over the building and any functions and all requests made by him/her must be immediately adhered to.


Full compliance with these conditions is necessary to satisfy the requirements of the Public Entertainments License. If in the opinion of the Hallkeeper or a B.T.H.A.’s representative, it appears an event is not under the full control of the organizer at all times, either personally or via security staff, it will be immediately cancelled. The Police may be called

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